Hello All

Hello, I wanted to talk a minute and let everyone know I will once again begin posting.  I have personally gone through some life changes that has had me sidelined for awhile.  I have historically been a person that never got sick but have developed something call achalasia.  It has been a difficult road with too many test procedure to count and three major surgeries.  I have also had two kids graduate high school and one is now in the Army and the other is in college.  I have also help build the company I work at into a direct home mortgage lender that originates in seven states and has four offices.  So I have been busy.  I have always wanted to continue to post as this is a way to talk from a neutral point of view so it is time to get posting.  Yes there will always be those that disagree with me and I encourage them to email me to discuss their view point.  Some of what is new;

  • Credit Reports will no longer show lien and judgements.
  • DU 10 rolls out July 29th and this is the beginning of the automated loan process.
  • Second Mortgages have returned to the market in a big way.
  • 95% LTV with no MI with loan amounts to $625,000 are once again available.
  • Multiple assistance programs are now available.
  • MCC & EEM mortgage options.

This just touches the surface of what is now available and there is more to come.

Stay Tuned…



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