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Teachers Reach Unbelieveable Lows

 I am going why of topic but I feel this is important to get out


 Below is a copy of an internal press release that is currently being circulated to Union Teacher Members.  Today with so many people hurting due to the current economic situation it is unbelievable that this group is pulling at our emotions and shafting us at the same time.  If this is what Teachers have become today then clearly we need to break up the school districts and bring in private schools.  I myself would have my own kids in private school is it was affordable as they would receive a real education.  The below internal memo sickens me as our children are being used as a tool against us for more money for Teachers.  Unbelievable!!! 

  This memo was sent to me by a teacher that does not support the Union’s scare tactic.  Teachers it is time for you to stand up and police your own!  Media where are you?  Is there any journalistic integrity left?     

— Memo —

10 Ways to Be an Education Activist with Minimal Time Investment

 1. “Like” CTA on Facebook. They will give you updates on what is going on in CA education. (If you don’t have face book, go to http://www.cta.org often.)

2. Volunteer one or two hours of your time to work a phone bank. If you have kids, start a co-op babysitting arrangement with your co-workers who also have kids and also will benefit from volunteering for the cause.

3. Walk the precinct (check with your local teacher’s association)

4. Go to a rally. Take your kids (if you have any) and turn it into a family event. These take less than a few hours and don’t happen frequently.

5. Contact your representatives (state and national) either via phone or e-mail.

6. Sign up for NEA (www.nea.org) and become an “E-Activist.”

7. When you talk to people about supporting educational issues, always frame the argument that you ARE A TEACHER and are not arguing about pay cuts or a rise in co-pays. You will turn them “off.” Rather, say, “As a teacher, they cut my after school chess club for “at risk kids” and it just broke my heart.” You will win the hearts and mind of—the voter that will end up voting on education issues.

8. Pick your fights. It’s absolutely a waste of time and energy to try to convince a pro-voucher, anti-union, rabid tea-partier to support your cause. Spend your energy on the voter that is on “the fence.”

9. Talk to other teachers on your campus and get them on board. (It’s just your career right!)

10. Famous quote: “We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.”

***Extra credit: sign up for Moveon.org and stay informed about current issues (including education).

If you don’t want to do anything, look forward to these potential situations:

1. The end of collective bargaining 7. Test-driven principals/administrators
2. Salary reductions 8. Evaluations tied to test scores

3. More cuts to education funding 9. More furlough days

4. Bigger classroom sizes 10. Cutting of electives and sports programs

5. Elimination of seniority 11. Higher health care costs

6. Continued teacher layoffs

To contact Mr. Shimogawa email: savecaliforniaschools@yahoo.com.

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