The Feds To Raise Loan Fees?

 It is hard to believe the Feds are going to raise the cost of getting a home mortgage soon.  In the near future you will have to have a 740 credit score and a minimum of 25% down payment not to get hit with these additional fees.  So what are the boys in DC doing?  HVCC has serious issues and additional cost passed on to the consumer that are even acknowledged and yet nothing is done about it, strike one.  financial reform has taken away many of the borrower benefits and added even more cost to the consumer and still nothing done about it, strike two.  Now with the Feds proposed raising of loan fee will this be strike three? 

  The January Unemployment Report came out last week and it made no sense.  Simple math shows us that there is no way possible that the unemployment rate could be reduced by .4% when only 36,000 jobs were created.  Is this some kind of new creative accounting?  Where is the Media? 




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