How Can I Get My Credit Score Up?

  In today’s world a good credit score is a must.  If your credit score is poor you can not get a mortgage, a car, a credit card and in some cases even a job.  Well I know better than most that life just happens.  There are many reasons why your credit score may have taken a hit and in today’s financial environment more people are finding there scores inching down a bit. 

  So what can you do about it?  There are hundreds of credit repair companies all over the internet trying to sell you credit repair which more times than not they do not work in the end.  So what is the answer?  The truth is each situation is different so there is no one answer or majic fix.  Below is a link to a free online Credit Repair Workshop.  If you want to restore our credit score you will have to do your part and the workshop can help to get you back on track.  We all deserve a second chance and free is good.  

Workshop link –


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