So Which Way Is Up In This Real Estate World?

  With all of the real estate news coming from all directions it is difficult to understand which way is up.  There are some that think that the real estate world is ending much like the same people that thought they would fall of the edge is they go through the straits.  There is yet another group of people that are buying everything that they can get their hands on which oddly have bank investment money behind them.  There is yet a third group that think they can offer less that the listed price on a short-sale property and are upset when they do not even get a counter offer.   

  With all of this misinformation flooding the media it is difficult to hack your way through it to find out what is real and what is not.  I have found the website that many will find very helpful if you have any real estate questions.  The site has several online workshops that are free to attend and cover many subjects such as;

  • Selling your home in a down market
  • Buying a short sale property
  • Things you should know before applying for a home
  • VA Financing Tips  
  • Reverse Mortgages Tips
  • And more

  The website is the OC Buyer University and the link to the site is  Best of all there is nothing being sold here.  There is just solid real estate information available to anyone that wants to attend any or all of the online workshops.  This is a free service provided by Mike Mortrud of Emerald Coast Investments and it addresses the most common questions and concerns of home buyers.  The workshops will try to answer as many online questions as possible.

Happy House Hunting….


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