Good News Bad News

  I am so happy to find good news these days and I myself find it difficult to stay away from the negative news.  We are all in this mess together and yet some of us still want to stand on their own.  Real Estate thank god is recovering and yet the Media has finally began to report this as if they have stumbled onto some kind of exclusive scoop.  The SEC is a complete joke and everyone in the financial industry knew this.  We all know about Bernie Madoff and want he did.  The real story here is why did the SEC get tipped off eight times before they took any action against Madoff?

  In southern Orange County California there was a recent teacher strike that lasted a week.  I watch the local media on the picket line speaking with teachers that were upset that they are being forced to take a 10% pay cut.  I can sure understand that they are not happy about the pay cut but what is the alternative?  With the pension plans that are currently in place there is no way that this issue has been resolved.  For the most part, the current pension plans that are in place are based upon people not living past 62 years of age.  Now that people are living longer there is increased drain on these accounts surely we can all understand this?  So where is the money coming from?  And yes, it is your problem!

  Not long ago the City of Vallejo California filed for BK Protection.  This allowed them to completely rework all of their labor contracts and get out from the financial burden they were under.  Just as some people will be forced with a BK your place of employment may be forced with the same issues.  So is your job safe?  We can all work together or somehow you can find yourself on the outside wondering what went wrong and why am I not making any money. 

  I recently was forwarded an email commit from an agent that we will call Vic.  Vic made a commit that he would rather work for a company that had an Owner or CEO with no experience in there line of work if he shared the same point of view politically as he did.  I would bet that Vic did not make much money with this kind of leadership at the helm.  Sure I would like to work with people that shared my same point of view but I work to live not live to work so I will take the knowledge over on experience everyday. 

  There are groups that want McDonalds to some putting toys in their happy meals because there are too many children over weight.  Doesn’t this discriminate against the skinny kids?  Why are we blaming McDonalds and not looking at our lack of parenting skills.  How has the car, the money and is the parent?  This is ridiculous! 

  There is the on going situation in Arizona in regards to being a legal citizen.  So why is it problem to ask anyone if they are a legal citizen?  I have been involved in three car accidents where I got hit by people that were here illegally and I was forced to pay for a portion of my own repairs for something that was not my fault.  So anyone please tell me how that is fair to me?  The only people that are upset about this are people that use these illegal aliens as their servants or home staffs at a reduced cost.  I came from the construction trades and watched good paying jobs get destroyed due to workers that can work for a reduced wage because they do not pay taxes.  Again please tell me how this is fair to me? 

  Our economy is a train wreck but it is improving or at least the media would have you believe that it is.  Let’s face it; we all judge the recovery based upon how much money is going in our own pockets.  Well I am working longer hours than I did a few years ago yet I have less money in my pocket.  Imagine that! 

  There was a investigation implemented into the actions of Goldman Sachs and for whatever reason if you do a Google search of the SEC or Goldman Sachs there is a paid for ad by Obama that shows up as a sponsored link.  Imagine that!  Does anyone wonder why Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac is left out of Obama’s financial reform plan?  Come on now you know the answer.  It is my opinion that Chris Dodd was the top Congressman that was asleep at the wheel while the Mortgage Meltdown took place.  Does anyone ever think about whom was the number two man?  Just like in the mob the number two man takes over and the family moves on, business as usual. 

  Tim Geithner was just below Hank Paulson yet he is our current top Treasury man.  So who was just below Chris Dodd?  His rise was one that set records and he is now the top man of all.  You know who I am talking about so do a Google search and complete the puzzle.  Then you can say to your self, imagine that. 

  Has any seen or even believe the GM commercial where there spokesperson can look into the camera and say they paid back their Government loan in full?  Does anyone believe that?  So just how stupid does the Media think we are?  This is a complete joke and we all take it because we think there is nothing that can be done.  Well there is plenty.  We need to start with getting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed and all other sitting Congressmen and Congresswomen voted out of office.  They where all there when the meltdown took place and they have done nothing but line their own pockets, in my opinion.      

  I look forward to the day when I can talk about mortgage news without politics being attached to a story.  With real hope and real hard work we can get there.  Please make your voice heard.


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