It Is Time to Embrace the Foreclosure Pain & Let the Healing Begin

  While the Mortgage Meltdown has hurt many people the first of these people to lose their homes to foreclosure, prior to 4/22/2010, are now eligible to purchase a new home with FHA financing.  So let’s put this in prospective, these people can obtain a new 30 year mortgage and at a rate of roughly 5% or less which I would bet is much lower than they had on the home they lost.  The most important thing to keep in mind here is this is without any financial reform.  This opportunity was in place long before the meltdown began and it will now begin to help those people who lost their homes.  This is called free market principles at work.  So ask yourself, do we need financial reform at this point?  The system is not perfect, the flees come with the dog, and reform might prove to be bad in the future and good or bad will only prolong the real estate recovery even longer.  The reform that needs to be taken is to have the ability to remove from their jobs and Congress those that were asleep at the existing financial oversight wheel.  At this point maybe the best course of act would be no action.


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