Why is the Real Estate Recovery Stalled?

  Hello everyone, well I took some time off due to professional reasons that some of you more than others.  Well I am back and with a few changes.  With my time getting some of my own affairs in order I have watched the housing market remain unchanged.  So what is causing this?  Well have a few possible reasons that I would like to share with you all and if you would please let me know what you think. 

  There are plenty of people that are both far right and left so let’s stick as close to the middle as possible.  We have all felt the economic slow down and nearly every American is feeling the pinch.  In my case I am helping my own mother and brother along with keeping up with child support.  Like most people I can not carry this financial load much longer.  So what is the answer? 

Option 1;  I could cut off everyone and take care of only myself but this is not an option that 99.9% of all people could live with.

Option 2;  I could stop paying my mortgage and request a loan modification even with the ability to pay the mortgage payment that I agreed to pay.  So this goes against my word as a person and only feed the current economic fire.

Option 3;  I could do what I can to spread the word about how the banks are making record profits currently and as of resent the Fed’s do not seem to want to discuss the mortgage industry.  With so many people hurting why is this? 

Option 4:  I could point out how New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has single handily destroyed the appraisal industry.  Until this very important part of the real Estate puzzle is repaired the unstable real estate market will continue.  This issue is compounded by the fact that Cuomo himself acknowledges the problem that he has created but refuses to do anything to restore the appraisal industry.  Why and why has no one in the media done any investigating here?  Want to know more on this watch this video link  http://www.hvccpetition.com/Video.aspx.

Option 5;  I could complain about the economy and blame President Bush. 

Option 6:  I could complain about the economy and blame President Obama. 

  My own mother is a devote Obama supporter as you all know.  She blamed Bush when gas prices went so high in 2008.  I recently ask her if it is Bush’s fault gas prices are creping up yet again only to get a deer in the head lights response.  The true here is the value of the dollar.  We all look at the pesos and say it takes hundreds of pesos to equal just one of our dollars.  Well the truth here is the same when we compare our dollar to the Saudi Riyal the ratio is no where the same as the pesos.  The current ratio is below.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1 US Dollar = 3.76000 Saudi Riyal
1 Saudi Riyal (SAR) = 0.26596 US Dollar (USD)

  It is the deficit that affects the buying power of the dollar which effect pricing we pay at the pump.  This is not any fault of Bush or Obama’s but terms of them playing with pricing.  The current Obama budget however will affect us in terms of the price at the pump due to the over spending.  This is much like when we over extend ourselves with credit card debt.  There are many, many other reasons why we are in this mess but to get out we need to break them down to basics, which is one issue at a time and with all of the Fed’s working together. 

Option 7;  I could vote out every sitting congress member that comes up for reelection.  Personally I like this one the most as it is what I intend to do. 

Option 8;  I could point of to everyone in California to vote out Nancy Pelosi.  This is my person quest as I will promote anyone that wants to run against Pelosi or Boxer.  It is unbelievable that Pelosi carried that over sized gavel on her recent march just beginning for someone to make a national incident.  This is the same person that has wiggled her way out of several serious issues that in my option are on par with Nixon.  All opponents to Pelosi please send me your information and I will be happy to get your message out.  I am a California native and I am not happy to see the direction of my native state. 

Option 9;  I could sit back and do nothing and get on the welfare program aka extended unemployment.  I can not even begin to tell you the amount of people that I come across that want a loan and are receiving unemployment while working for cash at the same time. 

  I resently had one banks rep. stop the stage coach to come into my office and tell me that they had the most profitable fourth quarter of 2009 in thier banks history.  How can that be?  I thought that all of these recent changes that have been done to the Mortgage Industry was to help the American People.  Remember to make it fair for all Americans.  Well in my opionion the Bank’s and Fed’s are all in bed together.  Some day there will be a real jurnalist with the backing to report on this “Mortgage Gate” issue and bring the real people responsable into the spot light.  I am just one guy that works in a all evil broker shop.  Well at least the Media would like you to think that.  Please anyone in the Media come to my office and interview us on the ways of the new Mortgage process.    

  I have a fair amount of people that read this blog and it has grown much larger than I would have ever expected.  I should do whatever I can do to help everyone get back to work.  Well I will be starting a sister blog site soon to speak about the politics working against us the real estate recovery.  I will no surly get discredited with this action but as a single father I have had to live with the dead beat Dad comments over the years and nothing can hurt as much as that so bring it on!  99% of all Dads would be happy to pay their child support but if you take a little too much then it is impossible for a Dad to live so the money short falls begin.  And so quick we become “Dead Beat Dads” by so many even with our critics’ having never being faced with such a load.  So many single fathers have to have roommates and work two jobs to make ends meet only to find out that the extra income is subject to child support too.  This is why some Dad choose not to work and you can hardly blame them as most of thier money is taken by the courts.  When you can not provide for even yourself in terms of food, shelter and gas just to go to work then little else matters.  This is much like the currecnt economic situation that we are all facing.     

  Well I hope I have you thinking here because we have to get our house in order as a Country.  China is kicking our collective butts in terms of industry.  Do we like to think anyone works better than us, hell no we do not like to think nor hear anyone say it.  Well the truth here is there are several Countries kicking our butts!  The American drive and fortitude to be better seems to be lost.  Well China, Japan, Twain, Singapore, Dubai and a few other all have a Yankee Doodle sprit & the American drive and putting it in our faces.  And what are we doing?  Complaining about what we should have in entitlement programs and wanting free handouts. 

  I remember my Grandfather calling this freeloading.  I keep thinking about this and I keep coming back to this question.  Have the people of America become freeloaders of the Federal Government?

  Well I am sure that most of you know that options 3,4,7,8 & 9 are the options that I am going to go with.  The answer here is so simple that I can not believe that with our so called smartist people in Congrees and the Whitehouse they can not see the forest for the trees.  And yes I am always available if the Fed’s come calling for ideas.  A simple SimCity game would be a good idea for the Fed’s to try as it might give them some ideas on how to run a profitable or at least a break even Country.  I will let everyone know when the sister blog kicks off.  I do hope it is as well liked as this site.            

Stay Tuned…


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