Obama’s Green Trickle Down Tax Benefit, Is Now The Time?


  Today Obama has rolled out with his plan to help the economy with home greening.  So as I understand it, if you “green” you’re home then you would be entitled to some kind of tax savings.  Obama failed to make it clear if you would get up to $1,500, $3,000 or whatever as I am sure your tax bracket will dictate.  I simply find it hard to believe that anyone in an unstable economy would spend money on this or any other such program when the media still talks about falling home prices.  Is the media going to make a trend reversal and being telling us that home values are on the rise?  Time will tell. 

  The issue here is not that home greening is not needed but rather the economy and the lack of jobs.  We need to get our people working again.  Instead of throwing good money down the drain less build something that would put people back to work.  The southwest region of the Country has need additional water storage for a longtime.  This is a great opportunity to build a hydro electric dam to create green electricity and create additional water storage which is the long term benefit.  This can also earn money to repay the cost of taking on such an endeavor.

  The immediate benefit is that it would create thousands of jobs.  Then to say our actions have created “X” amount of jobs would mean something.  A large scale project would require thousands of on site workers and even more off site workers.  The off site work for detailed building materials would be huge.  Needless to say this would put people to work and the Feds would cash in on the many tax dollars that the build would produce.  Isn’t this a better idea than just giving out money?  I have always preferred getting something for my money and believe me; I have wasted my share of money. 

  There are thousands of other projects that could be built such as high speed trains.  If Los Angles was used as a hub then you could link LA to San Diego, Las Vegas & San Francisco with a great impact on the environment.  How about completing the interstate highway system?  Most of us do not realize that the initial interstate highway plan has never been completed.  Worst of all many roads, bridges and infrastructure systems are failing due to a lack of maintenance and/or age. 

  The Discovery Channel even did a documentry on “The Crumbling of America” and here is the link to it – http://shop.history.com/detail.php?p=104694.  I am not saying that you should purchase the DVD but I have seen it and it leaves you disappointed. 

 Please let me know what you think.


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