Al Gore aka Mr. Green Has A New Home

Well with all of the Go Green stuff being forced upon us it if difficult to understand was is fact and what is fiction.  I seem to remember in school we studied something called solar flare activity on the sun.  It seems to me that the sun has a normal solar flare pattern that last several years when it goes into the enlightened activity.  In any case I believe that the solar flare pattern recently ended and we are seeing it in the recent weather patterns. 

   Recently one of the primary scientist studying the green house gases on our planet came out and said that the earth has been cooling the past few years and sees no connection to man and global warming.  Well I am not so sure that it is that cut and dry but I do remember being a kid and the air and the beach was dirty.  It is so much better today than in the 1970’s & 1980’s that it is not even comparable. 

   As for Al Gore he is clearly using his position to push the Go Green stuff in order to make money.  Yes there has to be some connection to nothing like the current administration would have you believe.  If Mr. Gore believed what he is saying then maybe he would live in a simple home such as the one pictured below and not is his gigantic non Green home. 

If you talk the talk then you must walk the walk or at some point even the best of messages will be lost.


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