The Indymac Bank Take Over / Shaft Job Is Finally Coming Out

  I have responded to several emails stating that I was way off base in regards to the FDIC take over of IndyMac bank by one of Obama’s biggest financial supporters, George Soros.  Soros and his group have positioned themselves in a no lose position and us the American Tax Payer’s are giving them a bundle and yet the Obama Administration still fails to acknowledge this practice.  To date I have not heard of any actions taken against Chuck Schumer for his comments about IndyMac bank.  I would like anyone in the Media to ask Obama, Gibbs or at least the Banking Czar about this matter. 

  The Think Big Work Small guys have touched on a story that I have been watching very closely for a while.  They produce a daily show that provides insight into the mortgage industry.  I have to give Brian Stevens and Frank Grey credit for taking on the HVCC issue and their recent Indymac video.  Keep up the good work guys.  I have attached a short cut link to their site in my blogroll, right side on this page.  Please do take a few minutes and watch the entire IndyMac bank video.

  I posted a story about my opinion on the strong arm take over of Indymac Bank and how a sitting senator used his position and the support of the FDIC to make it happen.  Below is the link to the story.


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