Heath Care Reform, Taxes & Mortgage Bonds


I first saw this in the Wall Street Journal and had a hard time believing it. It is not so hard to believe today

Well it appears that the Heath Care Bill will be going to the White House where Obama will surely sign it.  As much as I would like to see real Heath Care offered to all Americans I am very disappointed in the passing of this Bill.  Personally I believe the Heath Care Bill to be the biggest tax increase on the American People in the history of the Country.  Just the simple fact that there is nothing in regards to Tort reform, Law Suit Caps, speaks volumes.  Why would anyone want to be a Doctor in the future and be facing the impending malpractice suits? 

  Anyone that has a business that will be required to carry medical insurance for their employees or pay a fine will pay the fine as it is much less.  This is simple math!  What would you pay?  So the business owner will be forced to pay this “Health Tax” and how will the business owner pay for this?  That’s right, by raising their fees to the consumer.  So at the end of the day the people will be forced to pay.  Yes the People.  Working people, you and I, will be paying this new tax, aka Health Care Reform.  We have to be careful what we ask for without thinking it though.  Most of the time something that sounds too good to be true will often cost us more than we could have ever expected.  Health Care Reform will be a learning lesson. 

  We are currently dealing with a guy that tried to blow up a US plane.  The Director of Homeland Security is telling us everything is good and then retracts, why?  This business of punishing the masses so that we do not offend a few is ridiculous.  I am a single Dad and I have always got to prove my Child Support Payments.  My kids have now moved to their third county since their mother and I divorced.  I now have to show prove of monthly child support payments to three different Counties or risk my driver’s license being suspended.  If I can be watched so closely or profiled then others should be too.  My kids my someday be on one of these planes, trains, bus, ect as one of these people in question.  When are the working people going to be viewed as victim’s?

  The Treasury announced that they where going to stop buying Mortgage Backed Securities as of 12/31/2009.  This will eliminate one of the two large buyers today.

  This posting is primarily showing how current effects have an impact on the Mortgage Bond Market which directly affects mortgage rates.  I would have to say rates will soon be in the 6% range by mid March 2010 based upon the current economic data.  Here is the real effect to the consumer.  The best rates that I have seen today, for a 30 year fixed mortgage, is 4.875%.  Just twenty calendar days back I saw rates at 4.375% for the same 30 year fixed mortgage.  Both are without buy down points or cost.  We will have to wait and see what the Mortgage Bond Market does.

Stay Tuned….


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