It is nice to see the Media back at it, or is it?


  Today we are faced with an economic situation that is bleak at best for most of us.  Unemployment is at an all time high, the government is spending money that they do not have, Federal Level closed door deals are being made almost hourly and yet no one is the media is covering any of this with facts. 

  Why is it that the Media would rather trash the way Sarah Palin looks than what she is saying?  David Letterman continues to trash Palin and crossed the line with his commits about her daughter and life style yet no one is covering this?  We later find out that Letterman is living a double life himself and little is even said about it when compared to Palin.  Yes Letterman is not running for a public office but when you live in a glass house should you be throwing stones? 

  Newsweek has now jumped into the tabloid news by taking yet another cheap shot at Palin and the cover says it all.  I am not a Palin supporter but what is it that is important to us as citizens of the United States in terms of media coverage?  Obama himself to this date still has not released his IQ scores or college transcripts yet people think he is the smartest president ever.  In terms of the mortgage, housing or banking I think not!  Before you all pile on yes I have offered my entire staff to help the current administration fix this issue and I have heard nothing so far.

  Lobbyist will have no room at Obama’s table might be correct but they sure seem to have a bedroom in the Whitehouse.  Timothy Geithner was the NY Fed Chairman when the first TARP funds where leased and right in the middle of things yet he claims he has no knowledge of where the fund went.  How can this be and where is the Media?  Why? And why the double standard? 

  The lack of true journalism is a serious issue and yet most of us seem to be caught up in the gossip more than the facts.  The road to recovery is going to be a long journey and it will only be made longer if be can not all get on the same page.  Even our own President seems to be working on some kind of frequent flyer program specials.  With today’s video conferencing it is simply not necessary to fly all over the place.  Needless to say the carbon foot print generated is unnecessary.   

  We are on a course that will bring back double digit home mortgage rates soon which will extend the road to recovery greatly.  It is time to review some US financial history before we completely repeat it.  Whether you agree with me or not please do look back at the Carter administration and its policies.  Google is a good place to start.

Stay Tuned…..


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