The People Have Spoken….

A little off topic here but not really

   Last night was a strong message to all incumbent politicians.  This is not a Republican or Democrat issue but rather a clear message that we the people are tired of the same old song and dance.  It is time for all politicians to now walk the walk. Last nights defection of  Dede Scozzafava (R) is a perfect example of what I am talking about.  It does not matter what party they claim they are a lined with as most of them are working together behind the scenes regardless of party. 

  Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi & Barney Frank clearly are the front runners of hypocrisy.  Gore & Pelosi on their green issues alone show overwhelming proof that they are making millions pushing “Green Initiatives” and live their own life’s with complete disregard to this Green Doctorain.  If it walks like a Doctorain and quacks like a Doctorain then it is a Doctorain! 

  Barney Frank is single handily standing in the way of the Real Estate Market recovery.  Barney wants all “non banking institutions to be put out of their misery.”  Let’s put this into prospective, 80% of all mortgages originated today are done by “non banking institutions.”  This would clearly create a monopoly for the big four and the Fed’s will clearly misuse their power to make it so.  This would leave no mortgage competition between mortgage companies to keep cost fair to the consumers, which are you and I.  Needless to say that it would put several thousand people out of work too.  So ask yourself, is this yet another bonehead move in the works?   

  Barney is also the head guy that force feed us the HVCC, Home Value Code of Conduct, appraisal process.  The HVCC has increased the cost of an appraisal to consumers by 60% on average.  The HVCC went into affect on May 1st, 2009 and we have had sometime now to see how if is working.  Well the answer is not good.  The HVCC appraisal process does not work and there is even a large amount of appraisal fraud.  Imagine that!  So the Brokers can no longer have contact with appraisers and appraisal fraud is up.  This is yet more overwhelming proof that Brokers where not the problem.  The problem here still exists and Barney wants to help the problem makers to keep a lid on it.  The question here is does he relies that he is enabling the culprits. 

  I am in no way trying to say that Barney is knowingly using his authority to help anyone or business entities defraud consumers.  In my opinion I am saying this.  He is clearly demonstrating that he does not understand the mortgage industry as it results to consumers or the people that he serves.  So this makes him out of touch with the average person so his shelf life has expired and it is time to go. 

  Barney and Nancy are #1 and #2 on a long list of politicians that need to go.  Both clearly show the desirer to set themselves up financially with complete disregard to us the people that they took an oath to server.

  I am having another problem with a statement that continues to be repeated like it is a good thing.  The Fed’s have all ready spent 207 billion dollars and have saved 604,000 jobs.  How can anyone stand up make this statement and feel good about it?  Or even worse try to make anyone else feel good about it?  So was does this statement mean?  The Fed’s have spent $342,716 dollars per job that they have saved.  Are you kidding me?  I am sure it is safe to say that there is no way that all of these people where getting paid $300,000 plus salaries.  Hello, the money is not getting to the people.  Do something about! 

  History has shown that we are soon going to be looking at a 20% mortgage rates just like we did at the end of the Jimmy Carter years.  Does that seem hard to believe?  Then Google it and read about the debacle that was the Jimmy Carter administration for yourself.  Home ownership of becoming increasingly difficult and no one in the Media is even reporting on this.  Why? And why the double standard from the Media?




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