What is the future of homes values…?

  Well depending upon where you live real estate values could be moving up or down.  The Huntington Beach Mortgage Oracle or HBMO is reflective of Huntington Beach California.  In Southern California there is a huge amount of homes and nearly half of the homes have little to no equity.  This makes is easy for loan modification companies to set up shop and defraud home owners.  It is human nature as we all want to get what the Jones’s are getting with little regard as to what it really cost.  So this is where loan modifications come in. 

  Los Angles County has recently been listed as the county with the most foreclosures in the country.  Loan Modification companies often tell people not to make their house payments as this will force the mortgage holder to modify their loans.  Also the money saved can be used to pay the Loan Modification Companies their fees.  Needless to say this causes some real problems if the loan is not modified as there is another property in foreclosure and a home owner with back payments to be paid up. 

  The economy will remain a mess until we all get on the same page.  Currently I talk daily with roughly 5 – 7 people everyday that feels they are entitled to own a home.  This is a major misconception as we get what we work for or earn.  I will give you some serious examples how far out of sink we are as people. 

  •  Roman Polanski drugs a 13 year old girl and has sex with her.  He then leaves the country for roughly 30 years and is now finally caught and Hollywood seems to want to give him a pass.  Why the double standard?
  • Jamie Foxx makes a horrible commit about Miley Cyrus and says he is sorry and all is good. Why the double standard? 
  • Rush Limbaugh wants to be part of an ownership group to purchase a NFL team and there is a huge up roar because of his alleged commits.  While is commits on ESPN where questionable in nature to some.  They were extermly weak when compared to Jamie Foxx.  Why the double standard?
  • David Letterman makes multiple statements about Sara Palin being stupid and look at the mess he is currently in.  I do hope he does not live in a glass house.  Again why the double standard? 
  • Nancy Pelosi flies in a Boeing 757 – 200 seat jet to commute between California and DC just because she does not want to stop to refuel small jet she was issued.  Why?  Does she not understand that there are several smaller reasonable jets that cane to the same job and at a lot less money?  Pelosi lead the charge about Palin’s dresses and flies in a 200 seat jet.  Why the double standard? 
  • President Obama responds to fox news like he is a mayor of a small city.  Why?  The people are out of work and need money.  We do not care what anyone is now saying we care about the money we have in our pockets and the less we have to more upset we become.  Why the double standard? 
  • Main Stream Media still does not report the mortgage meltdown correctly and is unwilling to dig into this issue.  Why?  The L.A. Times is a local newspaper where my office is.  The newspaper had one of their callers contact me to see if I wanted to receive their paper.  Upon speaking to this person I asked why the LA times did not report the mortgage meltdown correctly for which I received the response that they did not know what I was talking about.  Exactly!  Why the double standard?   
  • Healthcare, this has to be the biggest misconception of them all.  I can fix the problem overnight if anyone would listen.  Limit the amount of malpractice lawsuits to 5 times of the cost of procedure done.  This issue is not even being discussed.  Why & why the double standard? 
  • Al Gore talks about global warming and makes millions from it.  He lives in a roughly 14,000 square foot home and flies in a private jet.  Obama and Pelosi talk the same green talk but none of them walk the green walk.  Think about the carbon footprint that is being generated by all of this private jet flying.  Is it really nessacary?  I think not!    

  There are multiple other issues that need to be addressed but my point here is that we need to all get on the same page.  As long as we continue to remain divided the economy will go now where.  So what do you think, are we moving in the right direction?


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