Has California Lost Its Way…..?

  CA State Flag

  As most of you know I am a native of Southern California and have lived here my entire life.  I have seen this state lead the nation out of recession a few times.  California used to be the strongest state in the nation in terms of a diverse economy, environment and life style.  I am sad to say that it is rapidly becoming one of the worst and at a record pace.  We hear, like a broken record, about how we need to preserve the environment from our President and Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi.  Last week I heard the President state that he and Nancy have been mopping up after Bush, again like a old record.  Well how about this, how about mopping up the issues in stead of mopping over your own tracks.  No one cares how you are holding the mop.  We just want the job done!

  Below is a picture of Nancy Pelosi’s 200 seat jet to fly her across the country to DC.  She claims she needed the huge plane because she did not want to stop and refuel the smaller jet that was issued to her.  Clearly she has no concerns about the environment with this behemoth plane and its carbon foot print.  Clear Pelosi has never heard of one of multiple planes that can fly no stop coast to coast.  I would recommend a Citation Ten for Pelosi as it fly’s faster that her current jumbo personal jet and can even fly Trans Atlantic.  Just my opinion but just maybe Pelosi’s push for green technologies’ is because her husband is some heavy invested in this field. 

  Politians that have been in office to long begin to tell us how we should live and what we should do.  All politians Federal, State or Local work for the people.  They take an oath to servere the best interest of the people before thier own.  There is no set shelve life for a politian but just as milk goes bad so do polititians.  I feel that it is time replace Pelosi as she clearly has her own objective in my opinion.  It is time to replace the bad milk.   

You can even fact check this one yourself at Snopes. 

Here is the link – http://www.snopes.com/politics/pelosi/jet.asp.

Pelosi 4Nacey Pelosi

  Why does a Member of Congress, someone that works for us, need a 200 seat airplane to fly herself from CA to DC?  Is this is the kind of “transparnet” “Change” that we can believe in?  Who works for whom?


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