A bit off topic

  I am going a little off topic today because I have an issue that needs to be heard.  We all know about the reset town hall meeting in Bozeman Montana.  I have spent a little time in the town of Bozeman Montana and I am very disappointed at how controlled and staged the town hall meeting was. 

  In the time that I spent in Bozeman I used to kid the people of Bozeman with the old joke of “is it true you do not serve beer to bears in Bozeman,” but this is no joke.  In today’s current economic environment why is the current administration spending tons of money of flying in props to set up a hanger building at the airport to hold the town hall meeting?  Why wasn’t the local high school gym used?  Why was Maine lobster flown in?  Why all of the waste of money? 

  We can all say it is a security issue all we want but that is just a smoke screen that is getting old.  Politics has only two plays if a Politian is not getting what they want.  First is to make you afraid of an issue and second is to tell you who are to blame for an issue.  Does anyone see a pattern here?  People please get involved.  Your voice is important and needs to be heard.


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