HBMO Gets Picked Up Regionally

  Recently the HBMO put up a posting speaking about the problems with the HVCC appraisal process.  The Orange County Register picked up the story and posted it on their Real Estate blog.  The OC Register posted the story as “a push to scrap the new appraisal rules.” 

  The story once posted on the OC Registers blog site received mixed responses.  It is clear that people in support of the HVCC like the lower prices because they are not current home owners.  Let’s face it, anyone that currently does not own a home has a different prospective than someone that has worked many years to get the money saved to purchase a home.  Anyone that has worked hard to achieve a home only to have the value ripped out from under them is not happy and quite frankly feels ripped off. 

  Home Mortgage and Politics are two emotional topics but these two are so closely connected today.  Knee jerk reactions such as the HVCC are clearly not the answer.  The answer is very clear but no one is listening.  Reasonable guidelines and interest rates will correct the situation for the consumer.  There are several things that the Fed’s can do, which we have made many recommendations, but they seem to be caught up in some kind of popularity contest.  Worst of all if you do not agree with the president or the Democrats you are labeled a Racist or a Nazi?  As long as the Fed’s continue this playground behavior there will be little change in the Economy and the deficient will continue to increase.

  Soon we will hear that some new hyper Flu will kill 50% of Americans because the resent Healthcare Reform push is in trouble.  This kind of leadership is troubling and it is not just Obama it is all of them.  Maybe we should consider a shelve life for Congressmen.  Clearly Barney Frank thinks he is above us all by the way he talks down to all Americans like he knows what is best for everyone.  This type of thinking is not good for anyone.  If Congress and the White House want everyone to live on less money then why don’t they show the way by cutting their own salaries? 

  It is time to sit down and look at the problem of the Economy.  Without a strong Economy everything else means nothing because there will be no money to pay for any reforms, bailout, disasters, roads, schools, hospitals, ect, ect ,ect.             

  Ok we will start the ball rolling.  The HVCC is hurting the recovery of the Economy and the August home sales report will show that home sales will be down.  They will be down because all of the pre HVCC home sales will have cycled through.  We continue to support the reconsideration of the HVCC and urge everyone to get the details about the HVCC process so they fully understand.  Below is the link to learn more about the HVCC and to sign the petition.


Thank you for your support. 

Stay Tuned…


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