Commerical Finance Options

 Home owners are finding it more and more difficult to find a home mortgage.  With the new HVCC appraisal process obtaining a new conventional mortgage is even more difficult.  The Commercial Mortgage world has become even more difficult than the residential market in recent months as there are no FHA loans available for commerical with for a few exceptions for apartment buildings.

 Gas StationApartments

  I am happy to let everyone know that Emerald Coast Investments has long term financing available, up to 30 year terms, for Apartment buildings and Gas Stations.  If you are getting told no by the large banks then contact Michael O’Brien at Emerald Coast Investments to see what he can do for you.  You can contact Michael O’Brien of Emerald Coast Investments at 714-596-5400.


  Emerald Coast Investments is also one of the last lenders still structuring commerical development financing.  Office, Retail, Hospitality, OO & NOO.   Most of there development/rehab deals require the developer to bring in 30% to the deal there are some expections that only require as little as 10% borrower funds.   Commercial financing is accounting based and very complicated when structuring financing.  Emerald Coast Investments can not help everyone but they can do things that the large banks can not.       

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