Unemployment Numbers Are Down Or Are They?

  Today the preliminary unemployment numbers where released and they where not as bad expected.  I would like to believe them but I am concerned that after Obama drank the champagne in celebration of improved unemployment number we later found that the final numbers where even worse than the previous month.  9.4% unemployment numbers is unbelievable and nothing to celebrate.  These are real families that we are talking about. 

  Timothy Geithner, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and even Obama are perfect examples of people that went to Prestiges Universities and then into public careers without ever owning their own successful business.  Does anyone see the problem here?  This is much like going to a doctor fresh out of Medical School for brain surgery.  What I am saying is this; we have elected people with no hands on experience at running a business making policy on the way business is to be run.

  We have all spoken with know it all people.  I spoke with one person that believes they know everything there is to know about the mortgage business because they worked as a bank teller 20 years ago.  This ignorance is what is hurting us all.  Bailout Money to Insurance Companies, Banks, Auto, Fannie, Freddie and how knows what other companies has got to stop.  This is just like the average person living on their credit cards.  You have to pay the bill at some point. 

  The Daily Show shows Timothy Geithner speaking on how the economy is fixed and shows you snap shot of his own personal real estate deals in the link below.  Yes it is done from a comedic prospective and that is what makes it funny.  But when the laughing stops and the reality sets in, this is a perfect example of the men we the people have elected to set policy.  Please watch the video and let me know what you think.                   


Stay Tuned…

Everyone please go to the petetion link to stop the HVCC apprsal process and sign it & email it it.


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