IndyMac Bank Is Back in The News….



  Well isn’t odd that just yesterday I was talking about Former Senator Brewster being in the pocket of PanAm Airlines.  Think back a bit and you will find that in 1947 Senator Brewster had Howard Hughes come before Congress In an attempt to virtually steal TWA away from Hughes.  Fortunately Hughes had the fortitude to stand up to Sen. Brewster and challenge him head to head.  Did this same thing happen to IndyMac Bank?  For those of you that do not know about this here is the basic idea of what I am talking about.


  Senate Hearings 1947


   The War Department had established a Senate war an investigation committee to evaluate outstanding war contracts after the end of World War II.  The Senate investigating committee was chaired by Senator Owen Brewster Republican from Maine.  Brewster was also author of a national airline bill to be introduced into the Senate that would have virtually given Pan-American Airways a monopoly on the lucrative government airline passenger and mail routes.


   That’s right; Senator Brewster introduced the national airline bill into the senate without even writing or reading it.  Much like we are doing today in Congress with all of this bailout stuff.  Who benefits from legislation done in this fashion?  It is not the people of the country regardless of how much or how little money you have.  Please continue.



Sen. Owen Brewster

Sen. Owen Brewster

   Senator Brewster was crooked as a stick. He was in bed with Juan Trippe, President of Pan-American Airways, a fierce competitor of TWA, Howard Hughes’ airline.  Brewster had targeted the Hughes Aircraft Company in these Senate hearings, in particular the Hughes Flying Boat, to discredit Hughes publicly as a wealthy playboy who profited from war contracts.  Hughes, highly incensed, grabbed an armful of manila folders, flew his own B-29 to Washington, DC and took-on the Senate.  Hughes was absolutely brilliant in his defense and strategy to counter these attacks.  No one in modern history had ever challenged the Senate to this degree, using the media, public opinion combined with his moviemaking skills.  Hughes filmed most of his dramatic testimony during the hearings that have become rare historic footage of how smart he really was.

Howard hughes in front of Congress

Howard Hughes in front of Congress

  Hughes was not about to let Brewster and Juan Trippe get away with jeopardizing his reputation as an aviator or damaging TWA.  Hughes gambled. Senator Brewster publicly stated; “The Spruce Goose is a flying lumberyard and will never fly”.  Howard Hughes countered with; “I have my money and my reputation wrapped up in this airplane, and if it doesn’t fly, I’ll leave the country and I won’t come back, and I mean it”.  The Senate hearings then recessed in August 1947 and were scheduled to adjourn in late November.  


  On November 2, 1947, what was supposed to be three high-speed taxi test runs in his Flying Boat, turned out to be a dramatic triumph for Howard Hughes. In what surprised the world, and probably Hughes too, he flew the airplane for one mile at an altitude of about 70 feet that put an end to the Senate hearings. When the hearings resumed in late November, Brewster did not have the guts to appear at the hearings.  The way Hughes said it; “Brewster was too cowardly to face the music, he took a run out powder to the back roads of Maine.  That meant that the hearings were over”.  Hughes directed one of its executives; “Find out who is running against Brewster, and give them anything they want”.  Brewster was never reelected.





Present Day



 That was a brief look back into some American history where one very rich man tried to manipulate the Federal Law to get what he wanted and was almost successful with the help of Senator Brewster. 



  As more IndyMac information comes out we are finding that once again a senator, in this case Schumer, appears to be connected to a very rich man, George Soros.  Schumer single handily spoke out about IndyMac Bank and started an old fashion run on the bank.  This is unbelievable that nothing happened to Schumer for his actions.  As the share holders continue to put together their case against the Fed’s for miss calculating IndyMac’s assets some of the facts of their case are finally leaking out.  It is our understanding that Soros made millions over the past year betting against the dollar.  The same dollar that most of work so hard to get.  How is this a great Democratic naturalized citizen if he is beating against the country in order make a profit? 


  Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930. He understands how the fear of a crisis can get people to do things that they would normally not do.  Twenty or thirty years from now when we relies how much we have taxed our grandchildren and great grandchildren so that a small group can prosper we will be ashamed of what we have done. 

  The ratio between people that pay taxes and those that do not is nearly 50/50.  With a large portion of the tax paying people soon retiring within the next five years will only leave us with one option.  Raise taxes even higher.  If we continue to put unfair tax burdens on our grand children then they will never have a chance to succeed. 

  Make no mistake, Soros is all about the dollar.  Follow the money and you will always find the smoking gun.  Soros at roughly 79 years of age would like to see everyone get along just as my own mother at roughly 64.  I still do not understand where this thinking comes from because if she has to give up anything, I am talking about Money, she will attack you as if she is in a fight for life.  I do not think the Democratic Party is supposed to function in this fashion but never the less it appears to do to.  Just as Joe the Plumber.    

   The founding fathers of our Country have proven to be very intelligent people.  As we watch Communist and Socialism fail in other countries I am happy that even with all of our problems our system is still in tack.  It is not perfect but it is better than everywhere else.  If you are not happy with it you do have the ability to go somewhere else unlike most people in other countries.  There are serious problems that we must face and that is the people that are benefiting from our dismay.  Mr. Soros’s group has single handily purchase the majority holdings of IndyMac Bank with the help of Sen. Schumer, in my opinion, and a few others. 

  Keep in mind that people world wide would love to come to the United States if they where able.  People float 90 miles to come to the United States for an opportunity at the American life.  So why is Obama want to change to the European way of Government.  They are out of money, broke on there way to the poor house.  Proof that Socialism does not work. 

  The Fed’s want to pass new Big Brother Laws to keep an eye on what Banks are doing.  This in theory sounds good but think it through.  This give the Fed’s the ability to single out a business and shut it down.  In my opinion, we will soon findout that IndyMac Bank was railroaded Schumer’s commits.  This is not only unconstitutional it is unbelieveable how only a few people will soon own everything worth owning in our Country soon and somehow this is exceptable.  Keep in mind that the banks will only pass on these fees to the consumer and that is you and I.


  Is it time or a revolution?  I m not talking about a civil war but rather a simple voting out of all of the current elected positions in DC.  In 2009 your voice can be heard.  Please read and understand all of the candidates and vote for the best person for the job regardless of party lines.  It is time for some new blood before it’s too late….



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