Does America Have What It Takes To Get Going Again?


    President Obama is in the hottest seat in history.  Even with his continued campaigning since he took office and in nearly a no win situation he clearly is not the worst apple in the bunch.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has got to be the most inept person serving our country.  I would be willing to put up my own staff any day against Mr. Geithner’s staff or lack of staff.  Why does it seem that working for Geithner is like taking a pursers job on the Titanic? 


  I am glad to see that Obama is catching some heat on the Economy as Bush is on the hook for 750 Billion of the growing debt.  The addition money has to be shouldered by the current administration.  I voted for him after he told me for 15 months he was the right man for the job.  I would like to see him a bit more on the job and a little less campaging, hello, you won the election.   


  Everyone in DC needs to be moved out and businessmen need to be elected in their place or at least 51% of them.  Too many lawyers in one place is never a good thing. 


  Currently AIG is paying out a huge amount of money in bonus money to their employees.  I am as sick as anyone over this money being paid out but we need to look at both sides of this issue. 


  There are many people here that worked long hours with the understanding that they would get a bonus if they met certain performance goals.  These people did hit there goals only to be penalized by mismanagement and now their own government taking money from them that they earned.  If this was happening to you or me we would not be very happy.  So we need to thank those who have chosen to give back there bonus money. 


  As far as our leadership these people as a collective group do not understand the common person’s needs.  Every one of these people knew that this bonus money was going to be paid out from Obama to the lowest assistant.  Even I knew it so I would have to believe that these people in a position of power knew it.  For any of them to say that they knew nothing about it, such as Christopher Dodd is unbelievable.  For Dodd to finally admit that he knew about the bonus payouts but the directive came from Pennsylvania Avenue is a real coward move.  Mr. Dodd, please find your mojo and tell us the truth. 


  I am not a religious fanatic here but there is a place for everything and this one concerns me.  China is now asking for a one world Dollar.  With China being the only real investor in the US we may have to soon ask how high if they tell us to jump. 


This country once was 13 colonies that built up into the strongest country in the world. 


Do we have what it takes to do it yet again?        



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