Obama Comes To My Neck Of The Woods…

View of Airforce one on approach into long Beach airport

View of Airforce one from my office on approach into long Beach airport

  Yesterday Obama flew into Long Beach airport in Long Beach California. The flight path for Long Beach airport come nearly over the building that I work in as you can see in the picture of Air Force One. Watching the plan fly over did give me a since of pride but with the on going economic mess that we find our self’s in I could not help but wonder, what is he doing here?

   The campaign has been over for sometime now so why is he still campaigning? We are now finally showing some real journalism and reporting the truth behind the green lighting of the AIG bailout money. I am going to only focus on AIG at this time but if you where to look closely at other companies that received bailout money it would not surprise me to find similar issues.

  As we all know or will soon know, Senator Chris Dodd received the most lobbyist money from AIG. I do find it surprising that a junior congressman with limited experience/time on the job could ever be the number two man to receive lobbyist money from AIG. Just as Obama was angered and outraged that this AIG bonus money is to be paid out. I am angered and outraged to find out that Obama received the second most lobbyist money from AIG. The only thing that can match this is that Chris Dodd presented the executive order to green light the AIG bailout money knowing that the bonus money was to be paid out. If you recall Dodd tried to tell us that he know nothing about this bonus money but it was his order that green lighted the bailout money to AIG, unbelievable!

 Again President Obama, I want to believe in change but I have only seen the dark side of change. We are now more indebt than ever so whatever you have inherited is less than 50% of the current debt. Why don’t you stay in the oval office and do your job? We are bleeding money, aka debt, and you are flying around at huge cost telling us what you are going to do. I have heard the talk; I want to see the walk. Obama wants the people that are to receive their bonus money to give it back. Why show we stop with only the bonus money? Should we include the lobbyist money too? Why didn’t Obama drive out to California like he wanted the Car CEO’s to do?

  Well it is pretty clear to see that in 2012 it will be the year of the independent party to rise up. It is clearly time for a businessman to be in the hot seat and not a lawyer. Both parties hear us clearly; we want to believe in honorable men with integrity. A man that will put the countries needs ahead of his own needs. All of the lobbyist money and smear tactics are getting us no where and only continue to make our congressmen rich while the working man pays the bills. The up coming election in 2012 will be more important that the election of 2008. You can make your voice heard in the congressional election of 2010. This is an American issue and not a party issue any longer. It is time to vote out the congressmen that are not representing us with our best interest.


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