Is Obama’s plan good for your investment or retirement funds?


  We have watched the stock market in a steady free fall since Obama became the front runner to the Presidency.  Wall Street is speaking loud and clear, that they do not like Obama’s policies.  He has not only hurt Wall Street he has hurt everyone that has a 401K, Money Market Account, Investment Portfolio, Ect.  Whether we like it or not Obama is the President and his administrations policies are going to have an impact on everyone.  The reality is that we are going to have to work longer and retire later if we should be in good health long enough.  With the proposed heath plan this may not be an option as you can connect the dots but that is a topic for another day. 


  Whether you like or dislike Obama’s policies we are stuck with them for the next four years.  So what can we do?  Within every policy there are always loop holes that we can operate in to maximize our investments.  Do to a recent passing of my father I have been forced to deal with the many financial issues such as inheritance and probate.  What a mess of red tape and huge taxes that must be paid.  Needless to say after splitting between four siblings we received only 10% each of what my Father had intended us to have.  This was due to several layers of taxes that we do not like to talk about. 


  After much research on this subject I have found several reputable financial planners that understand this subject and how to structure an estate so that you can pass things on the way that you intended to do so.  Mr. Robin Barnes, Financial Strategist, of LifePro Financial Services, Inc. seems to understand this situation and had a few more ideas than the other people that I spoke with.  He can show you much more than just passing on your assets.  He can help structuring tax free retirement investment accounts and Legacy Planning.  I would highly recommend Mr. Barnes for your estate, retirement and Legacy plans. 

  If you would like information on attanding one of Mr. Barnes events please email us for additional information.   



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