The Misinformed Media of 2008

Where have the true Journalists gone?


  How much is the Media to blame for the recent financial meltdown?  The current Media seems to only want to report the bad.  I am not saying that there is not any bad news to report but it is not in proper prospective.  Here is a recent Media headline;


  The unemployment lines stretched to their longest in 26 years as Initial Jobless Claims jumped by 30,000 to 586,000 and above expectations of 558,000.  The four-week average of continuing claims rose by 93,000 to 4.32 million, the most since December 1982. 


  Of course this is a bad number, but we need to also factor in that there are a lot more people now than there were 26 years ago.  In fact, 26 years ago, there were 169,000,000 people of voting age and today there are 230,000,000.  New math or old math you still come up with an additional 60 million people.  Therefore the percentage of people not working is still less than 1982.  The current situation is not good but it is not as bad as the Media would have you believe. 


  I asked the question, “How much is the Media to blame for the recent financial meltdown?”  I asked this because the numbers have been reported in such a way that the world is ending.  The Media is continuing to tell us nothing but negative financial news and YES this will cause people to change their spending habits.  The job that could get hurt in the long run is the same peoples that are no longer spending. 



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