Is It Cheaper To Buy Than Rent?


  In the current real estate environment it may be cheaper to buy than to rent.  Currently in Orange County California a two bedroom apartment rents for roughly 1,450 per month.  Rent money has not always been the best money spent.  With the current devaluation in Real Estate combined with mortgage rates in the 4% range make owning a barging. 


  If you where to purchase a home today and had a loan amount of 350,000 at a rate of 4.5% on a 30 year fixed your monthly payment would be 1,773.40 for principle and interest.  So for a little more than $300 more each month you could own the property where you live.  Needless to say you would have more room, now mare hearing the neighbor’s conversations and be investing in your future.


  No mater where you live these number work.  Once the market recovers your equity in your investment will payoff beyond belief.  Contact a Real Estate Professional in your area to see what is available and run your own numbers to see if it works for you.  If you would like, you can use real estate calculators online at  These calculators will shortcut the math and give you fast answers to different loan amounts and interest rates.  Once on the Emerald site click on the loan center to use the calculators.


  Above there is a list of quality Realtors along with their contact information.  This is something that I just started working on but before I list them I want positive feedback from you the buyers. 


  Emerald Pacific has loan programs with as little as 3% down up to $625,000 loan amounts.  Needless to say, the 4.55 mortgage rate will only go to the best borrowers.  That does not mean an average borrower can not get a 4% rate.  Each scenario is different and both the borrower and the property have to qualify.  The Emerald Pacific People can explain the mortgage process to you in more detail. 


  Emerald Pacific Mortgage of Huntington Beach can be reached online at or 714-596-5410.             



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