Bailout for me please……?

  The recent bailout money that has been made available for the Banking industry needs to stop.  It is hurting our free market system.  Look at this from a different prospective such as US Bank’s or Farmers & Merchant Bank’s prospective.  So you are a bank that makes solid loans and is conservative with the way you conduct your business.  Your competition is taking chances and cashing in on risky short term profits and finds it’s self is trouble only to be bailout out by the Fed’s.  How would that feel?


  The Auto Industry is now in the Bailout line.  This is a real wakeup call for the Big Three as they struggle with their acting jobs before Congress.  This 25, 34, 50 Billion dollar bailout will happen.  The Big Three have Congress by the short hairs. 


  The Home Builders are now trying to get in the Bailout line.  Is the line open to every business?  If so I need to get in myself.  Good Grief.  This is a free market economy and needs to be conducted in that way.  The Banks have the right idea with the mergers and buyouts.  The Big Three is a stretch but the Home Builders, come on? 


  We need to let the companies that are in trouble fall.  It is time for the smaller companies to shine. It is the way it has always been.  It is the way it needs to be now.       


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