The Obama Mistake…

 I have been asked many times what I do not like about Obama.  Ok I will list several of the items that bother me most;


1.  Obama is going to raise our taxes.  His cutting of taxes is the biggest bate and switch pitch I have ever heard.  Obama plans to let the Bush tax breaks expire and everyone’s taxes will go up.  I have outlined this in previous postings.


2.  Obama plans on issuing Drivers Licenses to illegal immigrates.  Drivers licenses made the 9/11 attacks possible as it allowed the terrorist to obtain pilot’s licenses.  These people would even be allowed to vote and let’s face it, most of them do not pay taxes. 


3.  Obama does not support the right to bare arms.  This public right dates back to the founding fathers of our country.  There are several foreign countries that have gun bands and violent crime has increased.  Bad people will always obtain guns on the black market so people that are trying to do the right thing will be taken advantage of as they will be easy pickings for bad people.


4.  Obama is a chain smoker and this is a sign of weakness in my option.  Anyone that smokes and takes on the pressure of being President of the United States increases a whole list of health issues.  With the age Joe Bidden and his own health issues, brain aneurysms, this leaves Nancy Pelosi possibly being President.  Faced with this posibility, Palin sudden looks like a great option.


5.  Obama is right in the thick of the mortgage meltdown due to the money he took from both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  He also has Franklin Raines & Jim Johnson working for him as financial advisors.  This is a clear case of the fox guarding the hen house. Obama needs to run these guys in front of Congress and let’s ask them some questions about their role in the mortgage meltdown.  If Obama had the guts to do this then I could take him seriously. 


6.   Obama’s personal associations with people of questionable character are of serious concern to me.  With Obama’s past he does not even qualify to guard a president.  I am disappointed on this issue most of all.  I want change in this country as much as anybody but Obama’s change is dangerous in my opinion.


7.   I have a real problem the fundamentals of the media and how main stream media is pushing so hard for Obama.  Why is the Media attacking Joe the Plumber for simply asking a direct question of Obama?  This clearly shows a bias and a lack of objective journalism.


8.    Obama’s campaign has taken in large amounts of money from outside of the country.  This is a serious problem as this money buys access to the possible President of the United States.  I thought the President was representing us.


9.    Obama voted to give social security benefits to illegal aliens.  This is a real problem for me as I have paid social security tax for 25 years todate and to think there is a chance that it will not be available for me when I retire is tuff to take.  Now with that in mind, to think that Obama wants to add to the social security will only increase the load.  If Social Security is questionable of running out of money and we are going to add people to the system that did not support it via taxes is unbelievable.


10.  Obama is against English as the country’s language.  If we all understood English then many misunderstands could be avoided. 


11.  All of these increased taxes that Obama wants to put on the Oil Companies are ridiculous.  These companies will only pass on these additional taxes to the consumers.  That is you and I if you do not understand.  Take a look at how the price of gas is calculated at the pump and you might be surprised to see how much tax is passed on all ready.  Do you really want to increase this tax too?


12.  Obama’s economic plan will tax what is left of our countries factories out of this country.  The United States has the second highest corporation tax in the world and people ask why are the corporations moving out of the country.


  Here is an example of what I am talking about in regards to item 12. Pineapples are grown in Hawaii, shipped overseas for processing and then shipped back to us for consumption.  How in the world is it possible to pay for two overseas shipping fess, tariff tax and outside labor cost and still be less than just processing pineapples in Hawaii?  This is just one example but there are countless others and Obama’s plan to tax corporations even more will only add to this problem. Vote with your head because the job you save could be your own!    


  I have listed some of the major concerns that I have with the Obama economic plan.  It is going to raise taxes and if you believe any different and decide that you want to support Obama then that is your right.  I just want to make sure you understand what an Obama vote is going to cost you.  I am saying it now so that if Obama does get elected no one can say “I did not understand” or “nobody explained the Obama plan to me.”  


Below is a link talking about the driver’s license issues.


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