The Media vs Joe The Plumber

 We have all heard a lot about Joe the plumber.  Joe represents the average person that considering purchasing or opening a business.  The question that Joe asked is of Obama was “are you really going to raise my taxes if I purchase a business.”  Obama’s answer was yes.  Obama feels that we need to “spread the wealth around.”  There is a fundamental issue with working harder & taking more risk than most people only to find that you have to give away a large portion of the benefits.  How many times have you had to do more work than a coworker and the other person is make the same money as you? 

  I am hearing, via the media, that under Obama’s tax plan Joe’s taxes would not go up.  This is unbelievable as Joe’s question was asked as if he was to purchase this company in question then his income and taxes would go up.  Media please stop putting your spin on a story and just tell us the facts.  People are not stupid and can make up their own minds if they are given correct information.  Is there any pride or integrity left in being a journalist?

  I hear today on the local news station KTLA this morning that Joe owes back taxes and there is a lien attached to his personal property.  It seems clear here that the left does not like the question that Joe asked and the left media is now trying to discredit the man, Joe.  Please stick with the question and stop with the smoke and mirrors.  Both Obama and McCain need to answer every question that is put to them and let the people decide.  This attack on Joe the Plumber is beginning to look like another Acorn issue for Obama. 


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