Why Barney Frank Must Go!

  I am finding it unbelievable on how the Democratic Party is hiding behind Bush.  As our current President George Bush gets ready to depart as President of our country it is clear that this man must cast an immense shadow. 


How is it possible for one man to hold back the entire Democratic Party?


Recently I have been hard on Barney Frank and with good reason.  This man along with Dodd & Cox where our watch dogs over the banks and they where not doing their jobs. 


If these where positions in the private sector they would be fired.  So why is it so difficult to hold these guys accountable?  The biggest reason is collectively we do not want to believe that these guys let us all down. 


Barney Frank was recently on the Bill O’Rielly show and even when he was cornered and clearly upset he still would not admit he mest up.  Click on the link to view the interview.



At least Mr. Cox shows some character and admits his mistake.  We all make mistakes and should admit it when we do so.  Most people get upset went we are lied to.  Barney Frank not only will not admit his mistakes but he continues to blame other people for what was his job to do.  Clearly this man’s view is compromised and he must go.



Stay Tuned….


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