Today’s financial enviroment…

  Well tonight is setting up to be one of the biggest debates in our country’s history.  Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen Joe Biden will take the stage in St. Louis.  Both vice-presidential hopefuls to walk their own tightropes while moderator Gwen Ifill grills them. 

  We are currently in the largest cash liquidity crunch in history and our House of Representatives as acting like children.  A clear sign that there is too many lawyers’ and not enough business men in Congress.  At least the Senate got it right.

  The Media will no drought beat up Palin and force feed us more Obama.  I like Obama but how much can I take.  The Media will no drought continue to get this bailout / rescue plan wrong and at this point I do not believe they will ever get it right.  The lack of real journalism in the country of free speech is unbelievable.

  Home values are beginning to stabilize in most of the country but with unemployment being so high we will have to see if this last.  The Media has a major role in this to as what they report most people believe. 

  Once the passage of the rescue plan goes through we are expecting fixed rate mortgages to fall.  With the current rates in the 6% range for a 30 year fixed rate stinks.  It seems like the banks do not want to offer anything less.  Time will tell on this important issue.

  Currently Real Estate appears to be a safe long term investment based upon the current market.  Once the rescue program goes through and the banks begin to write loans again and the foreclosures will begin to taper off and values will rise. 

  Wall Street is in a free fall and some people will no drought get scared and sell off their stocks or move their retirement funds into other investment vehicles.  If this is done in haste then the majority of the time this will prove to be a bad move.

  With all of the above being said who really knows what the future holds. 

Stay Tuned….


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