Bailout 101

  Well our Leaders are more than disappointing.  Our current Congress has got to be the most inept of all time.  The current financial mess is unbelievable.  Our two Candidates are both a bit unusual.  And this is all Bush’s fault.  What is going on at the top?  I am going to run down a few facts about this mess.  People we all need to open our eyes and look at this mess without emotion to fix this situation.  This is neither a Democrat nor a Republican problem.  This is an American problem!  




  The current Congress must be using some kind of new math as the last time I looked it was Democratic majority.  They do not need any Republicans if they all agree to vote anything through.   


  How in the world did Nancy Pelosi last long enough to become speaker of the house?  Why is she campaign at a time like this?  Enough with this “it’s the Bush administrations fault stuff.” 


Our Leaders work for the people.  We need the ability to fire deadbeat political employees if they prove to be unable to do the job.  A recall just takes too much time and it these people could be removed from their plush positions then maybe they would do their jobs.  Democrats need to look closely at Peluisi and consider a new speaker if nothing else.


  I come from a Democrat family and the current antics of the Democratic Leaders are embarrassing.  If one of my other siblings was even close to spewing this ruderick they would have simply been told to “shut up and listen”. 


The Financial Crises    


  Yesterday’s close of the Dow is the largest indicator of how serious this issue is.  This is not something to take lightly nor should it be.  Here is the deal, we have a real businessman in Paulson and his plan makes sense.  Paulson is worth 500 Million so he personally does not need more money.  This man is trying to do some good and he is beating his head against the wall at every turn.  What are we doing?


  Paulson’s plan is to buy “bad paper” and sit on them until they do have more value and then sell them to recover the investment.  This “bad paper” is bad paper by today’s figures but not two years ago.  Here is where it gets sticky. 


  Barney Frank & Christopher Dodd sit on the banking committee and stated in 2003 that Fannie Mae nor Freddie Mac needed a oversight committee.  This flip flop in regards to an oversight committee is unbelievable.  Is it because they do not want to be discovered for payoffs?  These two guys are clearly not qualified for these positions and need to go.   


  Paulson’s plan will have a return on investment and when it does nobody will be complaining then.


  Here is a link that I recommend that everyone watch and it is clear that this meltdown was no supprise.  It is time to remember everything and not want we want to remember.


The Candidates




  This man needs to stick with the facts and he will be a shoe in.  I know that is a bold statement but his economic plan makes sense.  Mr. McCain when you have Obama on the ropes you need to finish him off.




  This pains me to say but please show some respect, stop making false statements and stop interrupting anyone that you go do agree with you.  Stop talking about new taxes and get a solid economic plan in place.  It is late in the game to revise your platform but the meltdown gives you the opportunity.  Please address the “Acorn” origination and why are the Democrat’s trying to get them some of the bailout money? 


  Please recognize the people that made it possible for you to even run for President of the United States.  Acknowledge the pledge elegance, the national anthem and the flag of the country that you want to be the President of.  Your current actions are turning off many Democrats.  


The Bush Administration



  Well it starts with Bush himself.  Well what can you say, he has done a poor job but let’s look at the most outragist opinions. 


  • It is not Bush’s fault that the 9/11 happened.
  • I am sure that Bush did not order the New Orleans Leveys blown up. 
  • I am sure that Bush does not control the weather so the recent hurricanes where an act of god. 
  • I am sure that Bush did not cause the run up on Oil prices. 
  • I am sure that Bush did not cause the Mortgage Meltdown.


  I have explained several times why Bush has no control over Oil Prices nor the Mortgage Meltdown.  We have an Over Sight Committee Headed by Barney Frank & Christopher Dodd and they said nothing when the Meltdown was starting.  They are more to blame than Bush as they are the over sight committee.  They sure want over sight now.  It is unbelievable that all Democrats want over sight committees.  Is it because they want to keep bad news from the public?  The two party system needs to be refined a bit as it is clear that our leaders are voting with their political future at hart and not our best interest.  I thought that all political leaders took an oath to represent all of us. 


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