What is going on with the Fed’s checks and balances?

  Just like the next person I have watched my 401K lose nearly 50% of its worth.  There are some tuff questions that need real answers for all Americans.  Who is going to ask these questions?  Why are we accepting the BS that we continue to get night after night from the media?  Why are we not holding people accountable for their actions? 


Ok let’s look at a few things here;


Oil / Gas Prices

   I was one of the first to support the Oil Companies when the commodities market was going nuts.  The President nor the Oil Companies have no control of this but with that being said oil prices have came down 35% and Gas at the pump has only gone down 7%.  How is this possible?  How much gas was produced at the higher raw oil price?  Or could it be the Oil Companies, Gas Distributors or the Station Owners?  Where is the Media on this story and why isn’t a journalist asking these questions?


The Palin email hack

  This is just wrong.  We all need our private time and needless to say there are laws in regards to this.  This is against the law and the Fed’s need to go after this guy as it is a felony.  There is no excuse for this invasion of privacy.  If you feel different then let’s open up every public persons email for us all to see.  Hey Main Stream Media…Why are you not covering this story?


Barney Frank

  This guy needs to resign!  This man should be ashamed of himself for letting down the American people.  Worst of all he is trying to hide behind Bush of all people.  This man was the head of the banking committee and he clearly did not see the meltdown coming or kept his mouth shut.  This clearly shows he is not qualified for this position.  He needs to go and go now.  If I was in this position and said nothing I would resign.


Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

  This is a real mess; Paulson had no options here and had the step in.  I was very surprised find out that the two people that received the most fannie & Freddie lobbyist money is Sen. Christopher Dodd and Sen. Barrack Obama.  These two recieved more than five hundred thousand dollars of Fannie’s & Freddie’s lobbyist money combined.  I have to say that with Sen. Obama’s short time in the Senate it is impressive that he received the second most money of everyone.  Why was this money given in the first place and why isn’t anyone giving this money back?  Which public official is going to stand up and say “they need it worse than I do” and give it back? 



  This one is difficult to swallow but it did need to happen.  I am happy to hear that the Fed’s are going to break this company up and sell it off.  This is the way that the Fed’s need to handle these takeovers.  The Fed’s stand to profit up to 80 Billion dollars once the sell off is complete.


The Current Congress

  This is a complete joke!  This is proving to be more like the Eddie Murphy movie more and more.  With everyone turning a blind eye to the financial collapse is a fair statement to ask what happened and why weren’t they watching.  This Congress has proven to be financially linked to many businesses and what a surprise they vote with their private interest in mind.  The current speaker of the house is well documented with her issues.  She needs to resign now too!  She clearly has her personal interest ahead of the publics and her job is to represent the people.  Something is wrong here and why isn’t anyone question this woman’s actions?  Where is the Media?  The only thing this Congress has successfully accomplished is remodeling the Capital buildings bathrooms.  It is time for some new people.



    Bush has spent so much time watching overseas that he seems not to be able to see the financial meltdown.  Will someone please get him a review mirror.  Mr. Bush, is it possible to think that we are under attack now financially?        


The Bush Decorate  

  Someone please let me what the “Bush Docorate” is!  My own mother is a Old School Demorcrat and she can not even explain it to me.   





Mortgage Industry

  The banks need to start writing loans again.  The banks are their own worst enemy.  If the banks raise the loan guidelines to high the available pool of buyers will be smaller that the available homes.  Needless to say simple supply and demand tells us that the prices will fall until they get to a price where more people can qualify.  It is time to loosen up the guidelines a bit.  I am not saying to reduce the requirements as low as 2005 but something near the start of 2008 will add thousands of buyers to the market.  Remove the fico hits to mortgage rates above 680.  Currently the Banks are putting hits to the mortgage rates if your score is less than 740.  With the average score being 680 this is clearly out of line.



  What is Cox doing…….?  NOTHING!  This is another guy that has got to go.  Let’s get someone in place that will at least pay attention. 



  • What happened to the record profits of 2005? 
  • The banks do not want to do reasonable loans for people.
  • The banks are making short sell transaction difficult at best.
  • The banks are applying risked based pricing to FHA loans now and this money goes into their pockets as the FHA people are not requiring these fees.  Why is this allowed?                  
  • If the banks are not going to write new loans why are we trying so hard to help them?




  The media needs to report accurate information.  This Mortgage Meltdown reporting is a joke.  The Banks set the guidelines not the brokers or appraisers.  Banks made loan programs available to brokers and brokers found people to fit these loan programs.  Needless to say the banks had their own people structuring loans to fit the same programs and this is not be talked about.  The office I worked in could not get appraisers to do appraisal as high as bank employed appraisers, imagine that!  Come on over Media and I will be happy to give you the deals.




Obama Staff 

  Some close to Obama talk to him and tell him enough with the finger pointing and Palin talk.  I am beginning to think he is afraid of Palin.  Please tell us what you want to do and stop telling us that McCain & Palin are bad.  Please stay with the current facts and the economy.  And some please show him a picture of McCain and Bush as he seems to think them are the same person.  Sen. Obama is not innocent either so tell us what your economic plan is and what you plan to do.  I have a brain and can even think for myself….imagine that.


Bill Maher

  I enjoy watching the HBO show like most people but the latest episode of Bill Maher was embarrassing to watch and I was raised in a Democratic home.  This man is out there and I fear he has gone beyond the point of no return.  Mr. Maher, Snap out of it!  How about a new rule, stay at least within view of the middle.  This way most people will not think you are a babbling idiot!  Please stop acting like you are afraid of Palin.  Your actions are embarrassing to fellow democrats.  


Woman’s Right Supporters

  Where are you?  Mr. Maher’s comments should have you up in arms.  I got the impression that women should not even vote.  Is this exceptable?  Where is Helen Ready now?





  Mr. Paulson, please stay.  With all of the changes you have put into motion the country needs you now.  The in coming President will need some time to fully understand what you are doing so they do not mess it up.  I am always available if you need an understudy.


It’s not my fault 

  We can go on and on but it is clear that we need to hold people accountable.  I did not vote for Bush and personally I am not happy with the job he has done but he could not be at fault for everything negative that has happened.  We have become so quick to point a finger at someone else and most of these people do not even get involved.  I even witnessed a parent yelling at a grade school prince able about their kid treating the parent poorly and it is the schools fault.  People we have striped the schools from disciplining our children.  If the kids have no fear of accountability nothing is going to change.  This even shows in adults today.  Why do we accept this as a society?  


  This financial bomb has gone off.  It is time to band together and fix the problem not point fingers.  The problem is that the checks and balances people had their heads in the sand.  These people where both Democrats and Republicans so enough with the playground stuff.  People check yourself and think about this without emotion and you can see the truth.  There is too many current laws that we do not enforce so more laws are not the answer.  How about term limits on congressmen or at least heads of committees?  If not then shouldn’t Mr. Cox or Mr. Frank be held to some kind of accountability if not fired as Congressmen?  I know I would be fired if I did or even suggested what they are.


  In Mr. Maher’s words, it is time to get the S–t to shoe level.  We need real reform or at least the ability to fire any Public Official that is not doing their job.



Stay Tuned….


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