Our country was united seven years ago today 9/11/2001

  It is hard to believe that seven years have past sense the 9/11 attack.  We should all take a minute and remember the men and women who lost their lives.

  Our country was united at this time and it shows that we can work together in times of crises.  With the up coming election it would be great if we could focus on solid ideas for helping our economy and not lipstick.

  Both of the candidates are very educated men and each have a staff of intelligent people.  So why are they talking to us like we are stupid?  Please stop talking about how the other candidate is bad and tell me what you plan to do. 

  The real problem here is this high school prep really stuff and negative campaign stuff is going to make many people, including myself, stop listening to a candidate. 

  We do need to make some changes but raising taxes on Oil Companies is not the answer.  Without getting into the whole details of this, who do you think is going to pay for this new tax?  It will be you and I in the form of higher prices at the pump.  The Oil Companies are going to make 10% profit on their product and they will just raise the price in order to do so and keep in mind that you may have voted for this.

  I was raised in a very strong Democratic household and share many of their views but I am loosing faith with the recent proposed taxes.  Income redistribution in the form of higher taxes on high income earners is almost as dumb as higher taxes on Oil Companies. 

  If anyone pays their dues and struggles the grueling four to eight years of college they should be rewarded with a higher income.  If they have to give have of that away to people that do not want to work as hard as they do then why go to college?  We have all worked with someone that does not work as hard as you do and it makes you upset so where is the logic behind this?  You can spin it however you want but high taxes for higher income earners is a joke!

  The only way to make anything fair for high income earners is to have a flat tax of everyone.  If everyone paid a flat tax of even 10% then we would all pay are fair share.

  The Democratic Party historically had been the party of the working man.  I was an electrician for 20 plus years and I have personally seen illegal immigrants working and driving down the wage that the working man can earn.  These illegal immigrant workers get paid in cash and at the end of the week they net more money than I do.  You can only imagine how this makes me and many other working people feel.  So this is why I ask “what is your plan”.

  Candidates please hear us clearly; we want to hear what you plan to do to deal with the many issues of running our country.  Stop telling us how the other person is bad because we are going to vote for the lesser evil!


Stay Tuned….


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