The Final Episode of the RNC

  I have taken sometime to write this article as I had many responses from Democrats and which gave me mixed emotions about the Republican ticket. 


John McCain


   I was a bit disappointed not to hear more in his speak about his economic plan and lets face it McCain is not a dynamic speaker.  I have read an over view of his plan and it does seem to be a good plan.  I am not sure where to go with this as very few of us have the scars to show for what his has given to his country so McCain’s character is not in question.  I did like how he even challenged his own party.  McCain is going to be a formidable candidate. 


Sara Palin


  The VP candidate Sara Palin is proving to be a great pick in my opinion.  I thought she was going to be a terrible running mate but she sure has energized both sides.  It is abundantly clear that Obama is afraid of her.  Obama was already talking about her speech before the RNC was even over.  This makes no sense.  Oprah is no help to him either.  Her choice not to allow Palin to come on her show until after the election hurts Oprah’s credibility. 


  Gov. Palin is where it gets very strange for me.   You may not share my prospective but here is how I see it.  My parents got divorced in the early 70’s and I watch my mother struggle trying to earn enough money for us to live.  It was difficult to watch my mother struggle to break away from her economic dependence from my father.  My mother did marry a very nice man several years later and her economic life did improve.


Needless to say I grow up at the poverty line. It was very motivating and my siblings & I have all came out of that situation fighting for everything that we have.  This is way I am having so much trouble with continued comments about Gov. Palin’s choice to run for VP.  Every woman should not be economically self-reliant but it seems like as soon as one is then they are looked down upon because she is not raising their family. 


This makes little sense because motherhood is a part-time job in the grand scheme of life.  Kids 18 to 20 really do not need us so what then?  Do you get laid off?  What do you do then?  With the average age of widow’s being 54 what are you going to do if you become a widow early?  These are tuff questions that most people do not think about. 


Gov. Palin has done many things in life and she now has a chance to be the VP of the United States and is being talked bad about because she is not home taking care of her family.  The hypocrisy here is unbelievable.


It is a personal choice to be economically dependant.  Staying home to raise a family is often looked at as a respectable or valued position but this could not be further from the truth.  There needs to be a balance or the work place will move on without you.  Your family, livelihood and self-esteem depend on it.  I watched my mothers friends in the 70’s get divorced over and over again in the 70’s & 80’s only to end up today broke.  It is time to open your eyes and ask yourself, is this really what you want?


As we head to this historic up coming election I am happy to see both Obama and Palin running on opposite sides.  Either way history will be made.  May the best man/woman win. 



Stay Tuned….




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