Obama Watch

  Last night Gov. Palin gave us a very good speech and all ready we are hearing comparisons between her and Bush.  I heard Sen. Obama saying this morning that Gov. Palin’s speech said nothing about keeping jobs in Ohio.  I am not sure what he was listening to but I could not disagree more with Sen. Obama and I am very troubled by this.  Gov. Palin is not his real competition, I thought McCain was so what is he so excited about? 


  The McCain camp was very subdue during the DNC and even had a commercial telling Obama good job.  We have not even heard from McCain yet and like him or not he deserves a chance to speak.  Sen. Biden showed a lot of class and composure in his mini interview last night when he spoke about the up coming VP debate.     


Please enough with this playground stuff! 


  McCain takes the stage tonight and I as many of you will be watching.  I can only hope that we hear a real plan on how he plans to led the country. 



Stay Tuned….


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