Mortgage Backed Securities are still viewed as kryptonite

   We are still experiencing the affects of the Mortgage Meltdown as it crosses over into other sectors of the credit world.  The real question here is when will the Bond Funds and Hedge Funds get back into the mortgage back securities market.

 Wall Street has sent a very strong message to the banks and due to this stalemate we have all suffered.  It is time for the banks and Wall Street to get together and correct this problem. 

  With the average Mortgage back security returning 6% this is much better than any current government bond.  Over 97% of all mortgages continue to perform and only the best of the best loans being done today this is a no brainier.  There is clearly personal ego’s at work here.


  There is only one CEO of each company and these people are in control of the companies that they work for, this is their job.  There is not that many companies that purchase Mortgage Backed Securities so there is a limited amount of people making decisions.  It is time to get to the bottom of this.  Where is Sen. Schumer and why is he not looking at this?


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