Episode three of the RNC

  This was yet again a historical night as we now have female Republican vise presidential candidate. 

  Gov. Palin did give a very good speech and I am sure that she has connected with many people. 


  In all fairness I am very surprised to hear the media attacking Gov Palinfor of all things for being a mom.  Every woman in the United States should be offended by that question.


  Gov. Palin did take some shoots at Sen. Obama and this pep rally stuff gets old.  She did spell out some facts about the countries energy needs and this is a big deal.  She did show a fighting sprit that has not been seen in years.


  It was disappointing to hear that the Obama camp said she did not write her own speech and it sounded like Bush.  This is ridiculous Bush comparisons need to stop as they will surely led to Obama being compared to Jimmy Carter. 


  As far as presidents go George Bush and Jimmy Carter have got to be in the top five worst presidents of all time.  Right or wrong Bush did do what he said he was going to do.  President Carter, well he should just keep building houses.


  So Sen. McCain, please do tell us in detail what your economic plan is.  I and many other people want to know. 


  As much as I do not like say this I feel compelled to say.  Why is the media asking the difficult questions of the Republicans and not the Democrat’s? 


  With the media riding the coat tails of Obama and building this man up so high that it is unrealistic to think that even Obama can live up to the hype.  This kind of pressure is not right and main stream media needs to get back to reporting the facts.



Stay Tuned….     







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