Episode one & two of the Republican Convention

  Well needless to say opening night of the Republican convention was a bust and with good reason.  I am sure that I can say for everyone that it was a good thing that Hurricane Gustav did not due as much damage as was feared.  Gustav sure spiked up Oil prices and retreated quickly which shows how emotional Wall Street is.


  Last night’s episode was very interesting as Fred Thompson gave his speech.  He did have a bit of an advantage as the Democrat’s went first but what he had to say leaves little room to challenge. 


  I am still asking the same thing here and that is “what is your economic plan” Mr. McCain?  I asked this same question from the Democrat’s and I did not get a detailed answer. 


  I do not think we really need a converted Democrat’s or a Clinton telling me how I should vote.  I want an informed candidate telling me what their plan is so that I can make up my own mind. 


  Sen. Obama said himself that family should be left out so I am not really interested in Gov. Palin’s daughter or the misguided comments of Michele Obama.  These are not the people interviewing for the job.


  Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain are the two choices.  Please tell us all, what is your economic plan and how is it you would like to lead the United States. 


  These conventions are really a big waste of money that could be better spent.  It is really just a big party for lobbyist and political officials. 


  The big shows are nice but let’s remove the bells and whistles.  I would like to hear the speeches without the props, audiences, clamping every minute.  With all of these interruptions it seems like the message gets lost and it becomes the show itself that gets these people elected.        


Stay Tuned….



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