The final episode of the DNC

  Last night I was very happy to hear Sen. Obama give us some more ideas of what his plans are.  I do need to see his plan in detail and read it myself.  Sen. Obama has provin to be a very good speaker and I am very much interested in seeing him and McCain in an open debate.  No written scripts for either candidate.  And enough with what you think McCain is going to do stuff.  I do not think the American people are idiots; tell us what you are going to do so we can make up our own minds.  I want to believe in “Change” so please tell me your ideas and show me a detailed plan on how to make it happen. 

  Why two venues?  What a waste of recourses two build a stage that in the stadium and the arena.  How in the world can this be a green act?  I have heard the talk; I would like to see the walk. 

  With that being said last night was an historical night.  It clearly shows that anyone in this country with hard work can be whatever they want to be.

  I wonder how Mitt Romney feels this morning.  I to have struggled with this mans personal believes but what we are asking is for someone to lead our country.  This is a country that will never agree 100% of the time on any subject.  I have to say that Romney was the only real business man and I am disappointed to see that he got passed over.

  Sen. McCain has shown some class with his message to Sen. Obama.  I am about to fall asleep waiting to hear what McCain’s message is.  I have asked Sen. Obama what his plan was for the economy and did not get much of an answer.  Sen. McCain what is your plan?  Does anyone have a detailed plan of what this man wants to do?  I am listening and I want to know Sen. McCain.  I am sure I am not the only one.

  President Bush has been put it a difficult position as he had to respond to 9/11.  I do not think he has handled most things correctly but you have to give him this.  Right or wrong once he made up his mind he did exactly what he said he was going to do.  You have to respect that he was a man of his word.  Whether you believe his thinking was correct or not is another subject that will no doubt be talked about for years to come.

  No matter which man gets elected I do hope that some real government reform does happen.         


 Stay Tuned….


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