Episode Three of the Democratic Convention

  Last night Sen. Biden made some very large statments of what Sen. Obama will do.  I would very much like to believe him but I still have not heard how they plan to do this.  Maybe I have to high of expectations because it feels like I am at a high school prep rally. 

  I have received many emails stating that I should not be beating up Democrats.  It really does not matter what my personal feelings are in regards to the Republicans or Democrates as I am trying to stay objective.  I do hope to hear some real content on how Sen. Obama, if elected, plans to deal with the economy.  I will be asking the same questions about Sen. McCain when it is his turn too.

  So far it looks like we should dust off Bill Clinton and ride his coat tails for another four years.  Ya ya to whole Monica thing is a bit weird but he did acomplish several serious objectives and sadly these same objectives are present once again. 

  It is time to stop the finger pointing and blame game.  This whole mortgage meltdown and oil prices stuff has been past around like a hot potato for more than two years.  The situation is what it is.  Tell us all Sen. Obama & Sen. McCain, how do you plan to deal with the current state of the economy?  Our real problems are here within our country with our own people.

Sen. Obama please give us something of substance tonight.  Please lay out a detailed plan of what you plan to do.  All of this fluff is too much!

Stay Tuned….


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