Episode Two of the Democratic Convention

  I have always started any political postings with I am a bit off topic but Sen. Clinton clearly showed how it really isn’t.


  Well I have to admit that Sen. Hilary Clinton’s delivery of her speech last night was very good.  For the record I did want her to represent the Democrats but that did not happen. 


  I do have a serious issue with Sen. Clinton’s comments in regards to the mortgage industry.  Sen. Clinton I am offering you a standing invitation to come to our office and spend a full day with us in the trenches of the mortgage industry. 


  I can only think that you are not fully informed as to the workings of the mortgage industry as your statements are so far off base. 


I do hope that you can make it. 


You can email us at info@emeraldpac.com for directions.


  These comments made by our leaders and main stream media about the mortgage industry and oil have been so far of base it is unbelievable. 


  Sen. Clinton only has to look as far as her daughter to get a one on one explanation of the Wall Street.  It is my understanding that Chelsea Clinton works for a Hedge Fund.


   With this kind of insight Sen. Clinton should have a better understanding than most that no president can control the price of oil, mortgages or real estate values.  These statements where ridiculous!


  Who is running this campaign?  Did Sen. Clinton forget that her husband Bill when President signed NAFTA? 


  The platform of change is great but let’s not beat it to death.  The candidates that are coming to the forefront have been in politics for more than a decade.  They are not new to the game so please give us some real dialog soon.


  If there is no real plan from the Democrats to deal with the current economy then please tell me now so I can book a fare on the Red October to the twin cities…..Good Grief.  



Stay Tuned….








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