Will our next president please stand up!

What is happening with our leaders and more so the media? 


  I watched the first episode of the Democratic convention and it felt like a real snow job.  Michelle Obama did say some nice words.  The Obama girls are just too much and the Media can only talk about the girls.  This is a serious time in regards to our nation’s economy.  What is this man’s plan to lead us out the current economic situation?  I hear a lot of words but nothing of substance.  All of this fluff makes me feel like I am on a date.   


  McCain will soon have his chance to tap dance and I can only hope that he gives us some real substance.  So far we have heard little from McCain as it seems clear that he would rather counter punch.  Batter up Mr. McCain, it is time to get in the game.


  Where are the Independent candidates?  It seems clear that we need a real business man in the driver’s seat.  With the state of the economy being what it is and neither candidate having an economic plan what do you think our future holds?  Bring on the Independents.


  Our current governmental leaders have passed a stimulus package back in February of this year and it has caused problems for Fannie and Freddie and helped only the Banks.  Remember that the first stimulus package allowed banks to sell off loans that they had on there werehouse lines that predated the signing of this stimulus package.  The Banks and the Media continue to blame mortgage brokers for the mortgage meltdown.  If you think that Main Stream Media is giving you all of the facts about the Banks role in the mortgage meltdown, then stop reading this, put on some pretty red sparkly shoes, click your heels together and say “there’s no place like home three times”.  Your still there aren’t you? Those shoes work as well as the nonsence that main stream media is feeding us.


  It is time to get down to the business of the economy.  I still have not heard a real plan yet to help our economy so I took a shot at it and below is the link to that posting.  I am all ears if someone has a better idea.     





Stay Tuned….





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