Was Schumer’s Attack On Indymac Coordinated with ‘activist’ group?

   CNBC is suggesting that Senator Schumer’s unprecedented role in breaking Indymac, a Pasadena bank, was part of a coordinated scheme with The Center for Responsible Lending , as usual, a name from a  far left “public interest” operation which, as is often the case,  disguises its objectives and operations.  It is for anything but responsible klending practices, in my opinion. (See this.)
“The Center for Responsible Lending issued an attack on Indymac within a few days of Schumerʼs letter. CRL is part of a small army of left of center ʽresearchʼ groups, community organizers, and public interest law firms who make their living accusing home lenders of racial redlining and predatory lending. On June 20th the Center accused Indymac of unfair practices regarding minority borrowers.
“A suspicious person might think that a network of lefty attack groups proficient in bank bashing and frequently funded by trial lawyers and short-sellers, coordinated their activities with a law firm on the hunt and a Senator who works closely with the network. “
Just imagine how much damage Schumer and his party will do should they control all three branches of the federal government.

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